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Crystal Twister

Patent Numbers: D626027, D626028, D626222

M. Akbik is the creator of Crystal Twister, a beautiful inspiring design.
Crystal Twister designs come in different sizes, please call for details & prices.

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25.4mm equals 1"
But in the crystal components industry, millimeter TO inches is not always exactly 25.4 TO 1.
The dimensions which are written in bold italic white are generally the most popular sizes:

32mm = 1.25"
38mm = 1.50"
45mm = 1.75"
50mm = 2.00"
58mm = 2.25"
63mm = 2.50"
70mm = 2.75"
76mm = 3.00"
85mm = 3.25"
89mm = 3.50"

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